The Room

Thud! The door slams shut. Now you are alone ... all alone!
A surreal, absurd, nerve-wracking journey through a world filled with puzzles, tricks and oddities begins. There is an enemy: The time. You only have 60 minutes, but it will be some of the most exciting minutes of your life ... pure adrenaline ... guaranteed!
LIVE ESCAPE GAME - The new thrill for teams from two to six players

Languages : English or German


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Hours: Tu, We, Th 14:30-22:30, Fr, Sa & Su 10:00-22:30

Due to safety requirements we cannot make any exceptions to the maximum team size!


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THE ROOM - Live Escape Game Berlin
Ruschestraße 64-66 / 10365 Berlin - Lichtenberg
Phone:+49 (0) 30 373 065 11
Hours: Tu, We, Th 14:30-22:30, Fr 11:30-22:30, Sa & Su 10:00-22:30
Metro: U5 - Magdalenenstraße (15 minutes to walk)
Tram: M13 - Loeperplatz (8 minutes to walk)
Bus: 240 - Josef-Orlopp/Vulkanstraße (6 minutes to walk)
Parking spaces abounding

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